Pretty in-depth write up over at Hackaday a few days ago about one of my favorite operating systems of all time, BeOS. I remember trying it out on an old 486 machine, back in the day. Once I had a Pentium machine with a large hard drive, I had planned to include it as part of a multi-boot setup, but never quite got there.

My experience with decluttering my physical life has led me to do some digital decluttering as well. How the hell do I keep ending up with hundreds of posts to “Read Later” in Feedly? I’ve actually read most of what I had saved. It’s just that I’ve meant to write about much of it and wanted to save the links to refer back to later, but never got around to it. Now that I’m scheduling posts ahead, I can hopefully use those stories and keep the momentum going. I won’t link to anything too old unless it remains timely, but at some point I’m just going to “clear all” and start fresh 😉