Someone on Facebook posted a picture of their first concert stub, which sent me down a rabbit hole. While I saw a ton of cover bands at the local roller-rink in Lancaster, Ohio, during the 80s, the first national act I ever saw was Bonham, during his tour for The Disregard of Timekeeping. This would have been 1990, or early 1991, as I was not yet 21, at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio. I can’t remember the exact date, but I remember everything about the show. I figured that the Internet, being what it is, might be able to help. Boy, was I wrong. The show doesn’t show up in a history of Newport Music Hall that I found. It doesn’t show up on a tour site that I found. According to that site, Bonham did three should in Ohio in 1990, but the one in Columbus was at Vet’s Memorial with The Cult. I just wanna find what the date of the show was! lol

Some random thoughts on Coronavirus:

  • Did people really think the beer had anything to do with this thing? Seriously?! Early reports reported sales were down for the beer. Then everyone panicked.
  • I’m not sure what to think of the reaction. I kinda feel like the government and businesses are either over- or under- reacting. Initially, my work put us in two-week work from home rotation. Unless everyone self-quarantined during their rotation, I’m not sure what it would have accomplished. Eventually they said if it’s at all feasible to work from home, then work from home. That makes more sense to me, so if we don’t self-quarantine, we don’t spread anything to everyone else, nor take anything home to our families.
  • If you’re going to force businesses to shut down, force them to shut down. I don’t think it makes sense to leave restaurants open for carryout but not for sit-down, especially if you have to go inside to pick up your food. You’re still coming in contact with the same things you would if you were dining in. And with the worries of the virus, I doubt you’ve come in contact with many more people dining in than carrying out. Just a random observation.
  • Are the force shutdowns even legally enforceable? I’m surprised no one has challenged any of them in court yet. Not that shutting down during this doesn’t make sense. But people are assholes.
  • Two strains of flu, plus strep throat, are going around at the same time. If you get sick, don’t panic. Check your symptoms. Don’t go to an ER or urgent care unnecessarily. Call your doctor first and do as they direct. There are limited healthcare resources, and do you really want exposed to this if you don’t have it?
  • People need to calm down. Most people won’t get it. Most people who do get it won’t die. But people also need to be smart, so that those at risk of dying from it don’t get it. Self-quarantine as much as possible. It’s not about you, it’s about those who are at risk.
  • It sucks catching the flu during this.

Posting fequency

Well, I did 2 months and one week of daily (then daily, minus weekends) posts before missing a couple of days, so I think I’m going pretty well so far this year 🙂 I plan on keeping it up as regularly as possible, but not necessarily every single day. I’m sure everyone is getting tired of my 3d printer time lapse videos by now. lol

3d printing

I’ve been posting a lot of time-lapse videos lately for my successful 3d prints. I’m thinking about starting an actual vlog about 3d printing in general, and would include failed prints and lessons learned. Any interest from the 2 of you who read this? 😉