Saturday, October 22, 2005

I will eat your dollars

As seen on Slashdot, there is an article over at the LA Times titled "I will eat your dollars" about the 419 scammers from their perspective. After reading the article, I'm sorry that my scambait fell flat. For those not aware, a scambait is where you receive one of these scam emails, and reply to it, usually from a different email address (they probably won't even notice. They send out thousands of these scams at a time) that isn't directly to yourself. The goal is to turn the tables on the scammers, and make them the victims. My goal was to try to get a picture of the scammer holding a sign with a name such as "Mike Oxmal" or "Ben Dover" or something just as silly. Unfortunately, the scammer's Yahoo! addresses were shut down before I was successful. Maybe it's time to reply to another scammer and see what happens...

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