Monday, October 17, 2005

Web design

I've had my own website, in one form or another, pretty much since I originally volunteered at Greenapple back in 95 or 96, before being hired as a full time bench tech at one of the franchise computer shops that were in town at the time. So, you could say I've done a bit of basic web design over the years. I've never really done anything too fancy, though, because I like simplicity. Also, I've never done any design work that was commissioned by someone else, until now. I just completed the campaign website for Carl Tatman as a "trade in kind" project. This means that he gets some website design, and I get to put his website into my portfolio. Sure, it's a pretty basic site. But to me, that's what a campaign site should be. If you try to go fancy with it, you risk losing the forest for the trees, and I did not want to lose his message because of too much style and not enough substance. If anyone would like to check out his site and provide a little feedback, feel free.

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