Thursday, March 16, 2006

Starting Multiple Blogs

Talk about timely! A day after I do a bit of name-dropping, Darren Rowse has an article up on Problogger about starting multiple blogs. Yesterday, I posed some of the very question that Darren covers in his most recent entry in his blogging for beginners series.

The question remains: subdomain or separate domain (or hosted solution)? My thinking is maybe a subdomain of Why? Because Nitemare Cafe was my BBS, which had many "subs" (or sub-boards) covering different topics. How fitting is it that should develop many "subs" (in this case, sub-domains) covering many topics?

Many of Darren's points against using subdomains are related to SEO, AdSense, and selling the domains later. First, I could care less about SEO or AdSense revenue (yes, I use AdSense advertising on the site; but it's more of an experiment than a revenue stream). Second, Nitemare Cafe is such an inherent part of me that I do not think I could ever part with any piece of it. And should I ever spin a blog off and sell it to someone else, it is trivial to point a subdomain to a different machine on a different network.

The moral of the story? Look for to open soon. When it does, I will post a message here. It will also be all new content - I may link back to some of my original posts, but I don't want to duplicate content across multiple blogs.

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