Over at, Darren Rowse has a post titled Link Lust which asks “Which 3 Blogs or Websites would you most love a link from?” [Update 05/11/2006]Credit should be given to the Link Leak Virus and to BlogTipping for the wonderful idea!

My answer, which you can also read in his comments, are as follows:

My top three picks aren’t so much for the traffic they’d generate, but because I really admire the people who run them:

ASCII by Jason Scott – Jason directed The BBS Documentary and runs and a ton of other related sites. If I could relive one period of history, it would be the BBS era. Jason’s sites (and excellent documentary) help me do that.

A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator – This is a field that I am extremely interested in, and Security Monkey does an *excellent* job of entertaining as well as educating.

Wil Wheaton dot Net – Wil seems like such an average Joe for an actor who “used to be famous.”

So what would your three be?