Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grapefruit Grapefruit. Unchain the hot petunia.

The other day, Donald Trump made a comment about global warming. So I, naturally, questioned his authority to speak on that matter. I also noticed that someone else stated he was a great business man in reply to another person questioning him. While that may be arguably true (I withhold judgement on that point), what does one have to do with the other? The person I was debating decided to stoop to personal attacks when I pointed out that I was not agreeing or disagreeing with climate scientists who insist on global warming, but questioning Mr. Trump's authority on the matter. Is that the modus operandi of deniers these days? Or just the ones who cannot argue without committing obvious logical fallacies?

Anyhow, here's the tread on twitter, near as I can piece it together (I'm sure it's missing a post or two, and out of order here and there), with commentary:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump - This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps,and our GW scientists are stuck in ice

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @realDonaldTrump Really? And you can back this up with what science, exactly?

[Obviously, Mr. Trump needs educated that "global warming" is a misnomer, and doesn't actually mean an end to record lows. To my layman's understanding, it means upward trending over time, and worse extremes on both ends.]

George Reese ‏@GeorgeReese - @realDonaldTrump You have reached a level of dumbass the world has never seen.

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - You >>@GeorgeReese

[OK, so he wasn't polite about it, but it is what it is.]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @GeorgeReese And another thing @realDonaldTrump is a smart businessman and it would be an honor to be around such brilliance.

[My reply to this logical fallacy should be obvious, but here it comes...]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx @GeorgeReese @realDonaldTrump How does being a smart businessman make him an authority on global warming? (hint, it don't)

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 @GeorgeReese HA HA Like the Activists that got stuck in Antarctica proving it? HA HA Hoax that it is.

[And there's another logical fallacy, not to mention blatant ignorance of how global warming actually works. So I ask again...]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx how does that qualify Trump to talk about science again? (Another hint: it don't, which was my point.)

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 What qualities you? Nothing, your just a loud mouth, shove off creeper.

[Aside from the logical fallacies, does she know what "creeper" even means? creeper: (n) A person who does weird things, like stares at you while you sleep, or looks at you for hours through a window.]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @ElishaNEWS @wintermute740 It's another hoax by the government to take taxpayers money and fund it. #ClimateChangeHoax

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx @ElishaNEWS I never said otherwise. I simply said Mr Trump isn't qualified to speak with any authority about it.

[Did I say climate change was a hoax, or was real? I don't think I said either way.]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 Your showing your ignorance creeper.

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx haha... can't win an argument, so stoop to insults. Classy.

[Not to mention, you still don't know what "creeper" means and don't know the difference between "your" and "you're."]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740

[Did I say you had to? Only asked for Mr. Trumps credentials, if I recall.]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx like I said... can't argue, so stoop to insults. You're proving all that needs proven. Thanks.

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 So why don't you shove off Creeper.

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx because, the world can see your ignorance in your replies.

[If you want me to "shove off." then why did you reply to my legitimate question with insults?]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 Wow, the "World"? Go stick your head back in the sand Creeper.

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx it won't fit with yours already buried there.

[OK. The closest I've come to an an insult, and a reference to her denial of global warming in the face of the years of science establishing it as fact.]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 Have a nice cold day Creeper.

[She doesn't understand global warming. At all.]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx what, exactly, makes me a "creeper?" Or is that your go-to insult when you can't win an argument?

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 I already won, just making you out to be the fool you are.

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx whose looking the fool by stooping to insults again?

[Damnit. Typo! She didn't catch it. Thank goodness!]

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 You can tweet back, when you get some followers Creeper.

[Interesting. Who's the creeper again? I not once looked at your profile during all of this. You were obviously creeping mine. Oh, and another logical fallacy, which I'm happy to point out...]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx my ability to tweet is not predicated on my number of followers.

[It looks like it's over, so I jokingly post this...]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - I don't always troll people on twitter, but when I do, they REALLY take the bait...

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 No originality Creeper.

[It appears she's still creeping me.]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - @christineinsatx oh, so I'm not the only one you stoop to insults with.

[And I finish with...]

Wintermute ‏@wintermute740 - Well, that was entertaining. I should call out global warming deniers more often ;)

Christine Love ‏@christineinsatx - @wintermute740 #polarvortex

[Still don't understand global warming, does she?]

[Finally, bonus points if you got the reference in the title of this post.]

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