Thursday, February 6, 2014

Improvements Coming

I am working on some improvements to the blog. One major overhaul is visual. Despite everything else about Blogger, I certainly liked how my blog looked under that platform. In that vein, I plan on doing a complete overhaul of the look-and-feel, perhaps building a new WordPress theme from scratch (or, as a child-theme to an existing one).

The other planned improvement is content. I've been all over the place content-wise, from a quick link elsewhere with no commentary, to full-blown essays (which were much more rare), over the past year or so. I plan on finding a nice balance between the two. When I post a link, even without commentary, it's something I want to share and I think people who read this blog might enjoy or otherwise find useful. The problem of posting them without commentary is that I'm giving up an opportunity to add value, simply by explaining why the link might be useful. I plan on changing that...

As a result, posting frequency, such as it is, might change. My goal has always been one post a weekday, even though I've often fell short. I'm still working on a strategy for posting frequency. I may experiment with it a bit. It certainly won't be more than once a day. It might be every other. Or it may be a set type of post on any given day of the week. We'll see what works :)

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