Monthly Archives: February 2014

Comcast buyout of TWC

There is a lot of talk about the purchase of TWC by Comcast the past couple of days. I have no inside knowledge because I’m too far down the food chain, but I have two thoughts on the matter.

First, assuming is passes FCC muster, it will take time for any potential impact to trickle down, so things are BAU for now.

Second, when can I transfer to Seattle? I wasn’t out there long, but fell in love with it when I lived out there. I would love it if this gives me the opportunity to move back out there.

New theme

I found a theme similar to the one I was already using, but which had already been converted to a mediawiki style, so I installed it. I’ll tweak the mediawiki version of it a bit, and tweak the phpBB style as well, to get everything even closer in appearance. There is still the issue of having to create the account in phpBB, but having to log in to the wiki separately, but that’s not a show-stopper. At least they use the same user database 🙂

Content on the forums and wiki are forthcoming 🙂


I am currently working on installing mediawiki and integrating users with phpBB3 and WordPress. I have them somewhat integrated, in that you cannot create a new user under the wiki, just under the forum, but logging in to one does not automatically log you into the other. I had this working years ago, but much has changed since then and many of the mods/extensions haven’t been updated. There’s one more phpBB3/mediawiki SSO extension I need to try. If it works, I’ll use it, as it is MUCH better, but if not, I’ll use what I have for now. At least it gives me a starting point.

Also, I need to integrate the themes. The phpBB3 theme integrates fairly well, but I still need to tweak it just a little bit. The wiki is close as well, but still needs considerable tweaking to make it fully integrated. I’ll work on that once I get the functionality finished.


Some of the improvement are coming along, the first two of which are a better theme (that I’ve used in the past) and phpBB integration using WP-United. I’ve already got Chat, and I’ll likely throw in a Wiki soon as well. Updates to come…

Improvements Coming

I am working on some improvements to the blog. One major overhaul is visual. Despite everything else about Blogger, I certainly liked how my blog looked under that platform. In that vein, I plan on doing a complete overhaul of the look-and-feel, perhaps building a new WordPress theme from scratch (or, as a child-theme to an existing one).

The other planned improvement is content. I’ve been all over the place content-wise, from a quick link elsewhere with no commentary, to full-blown essays (which were much more rare), over the past year or so. I plan on finding a nice balance between the two. When I post a link, even without commentary, it’s something I want to share and I think people who read this blog might enjoy or otherwise find useful. The problem of posting them without commentary is that I’m giving up an opportunity to add value, simply by explaining why the link might be useful. I plan on changing that…

As a result, posting frequency, such as it is, might change. My goal has always been one post a weekday, even though I’ve often fell short. I’m still working on a strategy for posting frequency. I may experiment with it a bit. It certainly won’t be more than once a day. It might be every other. Or it may be a set type of post on any given day of the week. We’ll see what works 🙂

Back to WordPress

I am back to WordPress, with a bonus of lots of old content being imported back in! Some items might not work quite right, and some might work fine. I’ll fine-tune everything over the coming days, but it’s good to be back 🙂 Also note, I’ve integrated the posts of my old running blog here, too, and will be decommissioning that blog completely soon.