Monday, March 3, 2014

See you in Second Life

Late night Saturday, early Sunday, I met up with modelmotion and Ahcapella in Second Life for a little while. I'm led to believe that this has been a regular Saturday ritual for some time, but this was the first time I made it on. Had a great time, even though we didn't get much discussed before 6am rolled around, but it sets the stage for me being on more often. So, see you in Second Life ;) Another thing that come of it is that I realize how much my CassieIsWatching theories seem to focus on who the PM was. That was not my intent, and, quite honestly, that's not important. What is important is solving that last anagram, figuring out what Helter Skelter has to do with anything, and what other clues we missed. The only real bearing who the PM was has on any of this is it might give insight into their thinking. At the same time, knowing it was a specific person may cause us to think one way and ignore clues that point another. Overall, I don't think their identity matters and having them unknown to us helps keep the mystery alive.

On a related side note, I find it very interesting that Cassie managed to be very careful not to reveal her identity, but was careless enough to leave the default PIN on her voice mail set to 1234#. A possible explanation is that the PM was well aware of the sleuthing that went into revealing the Creators' identities, so put energy into keeping that secret at the expense of a bit of carelessness elsewhere.

Regardless, I hope to see everyone in Second Life. Join us there for some CiW sleuthing.


  1. Yeah, it was great having a new-yet-old cassie person there!
    Cassie's repeated use of "Helter Skelter"—especially her writing "Healter"and "Skelter" on the clown painting, in a close reproduction of Pat Krenwinkel’s handwriting—has always interested me. ("Healter" was Manson murderess Patricia Krenwinkel’s curious misspelling, which she wrote in Leno LaBianca’s blood on the LaBianca’s refrigerator.)
    Cassie had already referenced Helter Skelter to direct us to "back to the top of the slide" in the park…but I’m not sure why she *continued* to reference it. Seemingly, she had adopted Helter Skelter as her recurring motif. She…
    • referenced lyrics from the song in the title of her second video "When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop" (9/17/06), which featured U2's live version of the song itself, along with Bono's mention of Charlie Manson, and the insertion of 2 infamous Manson crime scene pics
    • typed "ILL BE RIGHT HERE ABOVE YOU" on her cassieiswatching YouTube account (9/21/06)
    • used the line "TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME THE ANSWER" in her WHO poem (10/1/06) and later in her HOW poem (10/3/06)
    • wrote "Healter Skelter" (mimicking Pat K's handwriting & misspelling) on the clown painting.
    Furthermore, she used SOME version of her trademark phrase "right here above you" on a few other occasions: WHO poem hint (10/1/06) -- "right here above you go," and
    in the not-yet-fully-translated anagram, line 2 -- "The final step was right above you," to name a couple.
    And why did Cassie make *direct* references to Charles Manson, the "Manson Family" and the murders? Was it her way of saying that Bree was associated with a dangerous mind-control CULT, and might end up dead like Gary Hinman…or Sharon Tate? (A Los Angeles-based cult, to boot! Spahn Ranch, former home to Manson & company, is only a scant 20 miles from La Cienega park—where Bree & Daniel met one night to discuss bowling, and where Cassie hid the Bible page on the kiddie slide.) So many questions! I wonder if a solved Cassie anagram will enlighten us somewhat…or introduce new questions?

  2. Sorry I didn't make it this past Saturday... OT at work...

    The continued use of Helter Skelter has me curious as well. The use of the song I get; there were hidden messages. The continued references, not only in the second video, but the other clues as well, I'm not sure. Within the second video, it just seems to be beating us over the head with it... Until it's used in other clues, then it seems to take on further significance. For what, I'm not sure.

    I'm sure the second line of the unsolved anagram means we failed, but the means to succeed were fairly obvious, if we weren't so dense ;) The question is, was "right above you" literal or not? Literally, what was right above the Second Life church at the time? What was above the swimming hole? On a map, with North being Up (as is traditional), is the Bridge to Nowhere directly North of the swimming hole? I'm not convinces there's not something out there still ;)

      We were standing around in SL last Saturday night, suffering from some memory loss (esp. the aging brain-in-a-jar, modelmotion) vis-à-vis the Healter Skelter clown painting drop. It was such a cassie-send to be able to easily access the old forums and read of Cu Roi’s finding the painting (thanks to Frank’s instructions), and having the old photobucket links still function!
      To our amusement, we also took note of a VERY active, enthusiastic member in the forums named Nicole, who had as her tag line:
      My name is Nicole and I'm a Cassie-holic.
      …to which we were saying, “Hey Nicole! If you’re such a ‘Cassie-holic,’ where have you BEEN for the past 14.3 years??? We’re standing around in front of the Cassie church in Second Life…and THERE’S NO SIGN OF YOU! Certainly a ‘Cassie-holic’ such as you should be here with us here & now, saying, ‘Come on, guys! Let’s take another crack at line 10 of the anagram! We can do it!’” lol!

      With regard to your 7-year old question DID WE MISS SOMETHING RIGHT THERE ABOVE US?, if you go to our Discord group, the #secondlife channel, and scroll up to where I left a long comment on 9/18/20, I theorize about how we actually MIGHT have missed something right there (nearby) above us! (Or not. Who knows? lol)

    2. Took me a moment, but I found your comment. That's a bit interesting...