Monday, March 20, 2017


Does anyone know how to get Letsencrypt working with U Host Full? I moved the website over, as my poor little netbook just couldn't keep up, and it just fails when verifying ownership. Unfortunately, I can't use DNS to verify the domain, as I can't add TXT records. If I could, this would be a non-issue.

edit: It appears that it's getting an error: 403 - Access Forbidden. When I visit the URL to validate ownership, it displays fine. When I use wget to access the same URL, I get the Access Denied error. And if I debug the letsencrypt client, it actually shows a bunch of headers that I don't see when accessing it myself. Go figure.

edit2: It looks like U Host Full doesn't like the user agent that wget or Letsencrypt sends be default. Changing it for wget to just "firefox" does the trick, even though "firefox" by itself isn't a valid user agent. I think I can change the client reported by Letsencrypt as well, so I should have ssl enabled soon.

edit3: wget issue resolved, but U Host Full is serving up some javascript to Letsencrypt for some reason. Trying to figure that out.

edit4: The javascript that's being served up is some anti-bot measure that U Host Full has in place. It's also blocking validation for a couple other things I'm working on :/ I've opened a ticket with them, but it looks like I may be looking for a different hosting provider again. Granted, I'm using their free hosting plan, but I don't mind upgrading to their premium hosting, but not unless they prove their serious about securing the web by allowing it to work on their free plans.

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