Sunday, April 30, 2017

Has it been cancelled? Nobody told us.

I had to cancel plans for Penguicon due to a medical emergency. Jeff at registration has been great in getting my inquiries about a refund of my preregistration and other questions in front of the right people. The folks at the hotel, Westin, have been a different story, however. Unanswered phone calls and emails, then refusal to take the circumstances into consideration and treating us as human beings before saying "no refunds per policy, sorry about your luck." Guess I know a hotel I won't be staying at in the future, either. Complaint sent to the Penguicon hotel liason. Even if nothing can be done to bend policy, if Penguicon gets enough complaints about the hotel, maybe they'll move it elsewhere in the future. I would love it if the refusal to refund, full or partial or via offering a future stay, a single guest cost them all that future revenue. I don't hold high hopes, but one can dream, right?

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