Monthly Archives: January 2020

Challenge Accepted

At the beginning of the month, I decided to do a 30-day posting challenge. How did I do?

I managed to complete 30 out of 30 days! Plus today is a bonus day! Some days were easier to find topics for than others, but overall, I don’t think I did too bad. By the 15th, I was able to schedule my posts through the end of the month 😉 This greatly helped take some pressure off so I could enjoy the process of writing without all the “Oh no! What shall I write about today?” 🙂 Going forward, I plan on keeping up the pace as well as I can.

Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads is my favorite guitarist of all time, and someone put together a slideshow of him with audio of him teaching Diary of a Madman:


An interesting fork of DOSBox called DOSBox-X, with a focus on non-gaming improvements.

Stranger Things

The website seems to be missing, but check out this video of a homebrew QBASIC game based on Stranger Things:


While I don’t use RedHat, they have a pretty good write-up on installing Asterisk on Linux that is worth checking out. I remember the first time I attempted this. It was not fun 😉


If I’ve calculated correctly, today I am the same age as my sister when she passed. Miss you, Angie!


Pretty in-depth write up over at Hackaday a few days ago about one of my favorite operating systems of all time, BeOS. I remember trying it out on an old 486 machine, back in the day. Once I had a Pentium machine with a large hard drive, I had planned to include it as part of a multi-boot setup, but never quite got there.