Retro Computers

Stop one on my Minimalism journey, my retro computer collection. It includes some XP-era notebooks, a Compaq Deskpro which contains a 386DX-40, a pair of Tandy 1000 SX’s, a Tandy CoCo2, a C64, an Apple 2e, and DEC Alpha, among others. I have a 19″ CRT VGA monitor, and CRT monitors for my non-VGA systems. I also have a bunch of 17″ LCD monitors with a 4×3 aspect ratio. I’m thinking of getting rid of all but maybe a newer machine that I use as a file server, a couple of the laptops, one Tandy 1000, and maybe the Alpha. Most of the stuff can be emulated fairly well on my modern laptop, so even the Tandy and Alpha aren’t completely safe 😉 It’s all in working condition, so it’ll likely all get restored, to a point, then sold off. The restoration part is where the fun’s at, anyhow 😉