Another item on my path to minimalism is clothes. I have a closet and dresser full of clothes and rarely wear beyond a few items. A lot of my clothes are slightly too small to squeeze into, but I’ve been holding onto because I plan on losing some weight. The thing is, if I ever gain the motivation to lose the weight, those same clothes will be a bit big on me when I get to where I want to be, so will need replaced anyhow. So those clothes are easy. If it fits, it stays. If it doesn’t, it goes to donate or trash, depending on condition.

The harder part is t-shirts. My dresser has so many t-shirts that I just avoid pulling any out and where the same few that haven’t been put away since the last time laundry was done. I love my t-shirts, but what good are they if they never get worn? I’ll take any that are in poor condition and toss those, which shouldn’t be many as I do that fairly regularly anyhow, and then go through what remains and check for any that are too small. Those get donated without much thought. And what remains, I decide on how likely I am to wear it going forward. If there are too many left over after my first pass, perhaps I’ll leave a handful out and pack the rest away. If I don’t find myself rotating them in, then I’ll donate them. And for every one I rotate in, I rotate one out by tossing it or donating it. Or if I have trouble doing all the t-shirts at once, for every one I rotate in, two do out. At least until I have a manageable number of t-shirts 😉

Once everything is pared down to where I want it, then the new rule will be that for every item that comes in, a like item needs to go out. The only exception to that is perhaps dress pants, where I have maybe two pair I can currently wear. This is fine in my current job, as I can wear jeans. But if dress code changes and I need more dress pants, then I’ll ramp that number up so that I can make it through a week without having to do laundry mid-week just to have a pair of pants for work 😉