Apparently, it’s Minimalism Week. That wasn’t my intent, and it just sort of happened organically, but that’s fine. Tomorrow, I’ll try to wrap of my thoughts so that I can actually start implementing some of them over the holiday weekend 🙂

In the meantime, one of the hardest things I’m likely to deal with on this journey is my instruments. Do I really need five 6-string electric guitars and one bass? Do I need two guitar amps and a bass amp? Do I need a 66-key keyboard when my wife has an 88-key one that is a centerpiece in our living room? Will I ever play my electronic drum kit? My wife also has a set of bongos/congas that she never uses, a set of hand drums, and an acoustic guitar. Not to mention all the “toy” instruments my daughters have.

If everything else goes well, then this might be easy because I’ll have room for everything and not have to get rid of anything. As it is right now, the guitars and bass are hanging on a wall, so space isn’t an issue with them. And if I were forced to pare down the amps, I’d likely keep the bass amp and my guitar effects pedals, as the bass amp it the most powerful of the bunch but not the largest/heaviest, and could be used with a regular six-string much more safely than a bass with one of the other amps. The wife also plans on getting rid of the bongos/congas, as she really wanted hand drums anyhow, and now has them. And I will likely sell the 66-key keyboard, as I don’t see a need of keeping it with an 88-key keyboard in the living room. And, should push come to shove, I’d also be able to part with the electronic drum kit.

As for the guitars, I’d likely keep the bass and one or two others, depending on how much space I’d need. And the one I’d keep would likely be my Jackson Rhoads V, since it was the only one of the bunch purchased new, and I love the look and sound of it 🙂