Minimalism Week Wrap-Up

I never really meant to spend a week talking about minimalism, or, more specifically, my plans to cut out a ton of clutter from my life on my path towards minimalism. My goal is to be able to retire to a tiny house some day, but even my plans thus far wouldn’t quite get me there.

This week, I outlined plans to pare down my computers, books, clothes, and instruments. While I didn’t specifically mention other items, I plan on going through pretty much all of my belongings and ask myself if it brings any value to my life. If not, I will get rid of it. If so, I will keep it. For other forms of media, I’ve pretty much already converted my entire music library to digital, and can easily do the same thing with my DVD collection. At the very least, I can remove them from their bulky cases and put the disks in bulk CD/DVD cases. I’ve done that in the past in order to minimize that space they take up, but has since greatly added to the collection. The same goes with disks for the various systems we own. Very rarely does a game come with any print materials that are important enough to keep hold of.

I think that about wraps it up. Over the weekend, I’ll start with either my books or my clothes, and go from there. I might post further updates, or this might be the last you read about this journey. I haven’t quite decided yet 😉