Monthly Archives: February 2020

Assembled CoCo Pi Case

Here’s the assembled CoCo Pi case. It needs a slight modifications, as the keyboard won’t snap in place with the Pi installed. It is off by about 1mm.

Tandy CoCo Pi Keyboard

My first multipart print was a mini Tandy CoCo case for a Raspberry Pi. Here’s the first section: the keyboard keys.

3D Printing

I thought I would start capturing time lapse videos of my 3d printer, and started with the pig that came on the SD card that came with the printer. This is the last time I used the mat that came with the printer, as it is pretty much destroyed already. I replaced it with a glass surface instead, which seems to be working out really well so far. Anyhow, here’s the video of the pig being printed:

New Laptop

Installing Linux Mint on a new laptop. Fun times 😉

Get better soon, Ozzy!

I’m a little bummed. In December 2018, my wife bought me tickets for the “No more tours 2” tour in 2019. Not long before the concert, Ozzy fell, then fell ill, so postponed the concert until this summer.

The other day, we got the email that he is now cancelling due to health, which really isn’t that surprising given the recently-revealed Parkinson’s diagnosis. Regardless, while I’m bummed about not getting to see Ozzy, mu bigger concern is that he get and stay well enough to stick around awhile longer, even if he is never well enough to tour. Love ya, Ozzy! Take care of yourself!