Monthly Archives: February 2020


As long as I’ve been using Unix and Linux, I’ve never bothered to learn tcl… Until now… Finally found a need… Allowing me to remotely accomplish a task in Cisco IOS, of all things.

3d Printer

My wife gave me an early Valentine’s Day gift the other day, a Creality Ender 3 PRO 3d printer. Been printing the 4 elemental stones from The 5th Element for her as part of her Valentine’s Day gift ever since 😉

New posting schedule

You may have noticed that I missed my first day(s) of posting in 2020. I think, aside from any future 30-day challenges, I’m going to drop down to only posting on weekdays, and see how long I can keep that schedule up. It makes more sense to me that way.

Pay it forward

Every now and then, I’ll go through McDonald’s drive-thru and order something small, and every now and then, I’ll be told at the window that the car in front of me paid. Every now and then, I’ll do the same thing for the car behind me. Not for any reason than it might just make someone’s day a little brighter. You never know when such a small act might make a huge difference to someone, and it helps brighten your own day, too 🙂

Geocities Archive

I am aware of the great effort to archive Geocities before the shutdown, and I believe those efforts have been made available in raw form, but over the years, efforts have been made to reconstruct some subsets of Geocities from those archives. Adafruit has a post on the latest effort on that front, the Geocities Archive.

Kali on a Pi

I own more Raspberry Pi models than I have current projects, so this tutorial over at Adafruit might be a good use for one of them 😉

Modern TRS-80 Model 1 Replica

I love my Tandy/RadioShack computers. Even though my first exposure to computers and programming was the Apple IIe in jr high, that was only for a semester long. Once I was in high school, it was four years of TRS-80s. Then the family computer we got toward the end of high school was a Tandy 1000SX, which was followed by a 2nd family computer, a Tandy 1000HX. The first computer I owned myself was a Tandy CoCo2 and then a CoCo3. I also had a Sabre computer in the 90s, which was a rebranded AST Advantage, which, in turn, was made on the same lines in the same factories as the Tandy Sensation. So I’m no stranger to the brand, and currently have a CoCo2 and two Tandy 1000SX’s in my collection.

I’m also an electronics hobbyist. I’ve been using a solder iron since I was 10 years old, so I’m also no stranger to building and troubleshooting things.

All this leads me to a project that I need to get on my radar. This replica TRS-80 Model 1 built using modern parts. Can’t wait to find some time to tackle this one 🙂