Monthly Archives: July 2020


Yesterday, I set up pihole. I followed it up by setting up PiVPN. I followed the portion of this guide, skipping the part on pihole since it was already complete.


Last night, I finally decided to get around to installing Pi-hole on my network. I followed the Adafruit guide because I like having some stats on the 2.8″ PiTFT display. Just between the time I completed the install around 15 hours ago, 1/3 of all DNS requests have been blocked. That is a whole lot of tracking and advertisements!

Chuck rewatch completed

A little while back, I started a rewatch of the TV series Chuck. I completed that rewatch the other day, and it has held up very well since it went off the air, and gets me excited for a potential reunion at some point in the near future. But while I was watching, I thought about either doing reviews for older shows that I enjoy rewatching, or do so via podcast. I think writing reviews/recaps may be quicker, but doing a rewatch podcast may be more fun to do. We’ll see. I’ll definitely have to go slower on the next rewatch instead of binging the series, so I can get it started.