Into the tildeverse

It’s been years since came about, and almost as long since I managed to get an account on one with the other tildes. However, I have lost the private key I used to log in via ssh, and the sysadmin does not respond to my requests to replace the public key on the server, so I’ve been locked out for years. So, what is one to do? How about just create my own tilde server? So I did. It’s nearly done, except the web is available on port 81 instead of 80. Since I only have a single public IP, I can either leave it there, or I can set up a reverse proxy in apache to send just that domain to the other box. Or I can move all sites to the other box, which may be the easiest solution. I’m undecided on that front, so the site is on until I make a final decision there.

In the process, I’ve set up my own, personal gopherspace at gopher://, using a script which I modified to do something very similar to a blog, but for gopher. Some call that a phlog, or an rlog, or a gopher blog, or whatever, but I may modify that script to write out the website as well, or maybe write a quick php interpreter to display the gopher page in a website.

If you’re interested in an account, which includes a shell on an under-powered eee-PC running Debian 10, let me know 😉 wintermute AT nitemarecafe DOT com.