Monday, May 15, 2023

Reduction In Force

When I was first hired by my employer, it was as a contractor but I was eventually in-sourced and kept on the same project. Eventually, that project ended and I was moved to day shift and wrapped into the other project handled by the team. In the first year alone, I survived three or four reductions in force. I've survived several others since then. And then, a couple of weeks ago, the remaining, non-VP members of the US portion of the team were all notified of not making it through the latest round of RIFs. There is one non-VP member of the team in South America who survived, and a few contractors, but the only actual US-based employees on the team who survived are our direct line manager and our team lead. We still have ~ 4 weeks to find something internal or it's our end with the firm. Because RIFs are a regular occurance and I'll never be able to trust that another isn't right around the corner, I decided to not pursue anything internally. I'm also in no rush to find something external, because my plans for after are somewhat fluid. I'm setting myself to be able to live off of savings for at least the remainder of the year if I need to, and unemployment, should it come to that, will extend that another six months. I am actually looking forward to this RIF because I will be nearly debt-free when everything is said an done, and may even own some property. And I find myself happier than I've been since starting this job, which I guess says something ;)

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