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Blogger is frustrating

I love Blogger. Really, I do. But I find that I bump up against its limitations quite often. The first one I ran across when I turned on Google+ integration. Actually, that one kinda pissed me off. It’s not so bad that it linked everything to my real name, because a little CSS and a custom About page easily fixed that. But it totally linked my Blogger account to my Google+ account, which means that I comment on other blogger-driver blogs under my real name, now, or have to use another log-in method to comment. Very frustrating.

Another limitation that I’m starting to see more of is with widgets. When I powered the blog with Blogger before, it was via ftp to my webhost. This allowed me to use custom PHP in my widgets, and I took advantage of that. I might be able to create a sub-domain on a host and create php-powered widgets that way, but it’s still not ideal.

Finally, the commenting system, again. I hate that it displays the default Blogger page when commenting, instead of having it themed like the rest of the blog.

So, I’m second-guessing going back to Blogger. Maybe I’ll move back to self-hosted WordPress yet again. If so, I’ll try WP-United again and see if I can get that going. That was the most powerful overall platform I think I’ve used. I had chat, phpBB, WordPress, and a wiki all using a single sign-on. It was glorious. If I can get that working again, I’m definitely going back.

edit: I found an option to allow embedding comments, which I think may fix the one issue. But the settings on when a comment needs moderated is way too restrictive as well. If I approve someone’s comments, I should have the ability to allow that person to bypass the moderation system.

Google+ Integration

I have integrated Google+ with Blogger, which is great! Except for a couple of minor annoyances. The first is that the “About Me” section changed to my Google+ profile. But I had preemptively copied the HTML from the original “About Me” block and pasted it into a new widget. The link still goes to my Google+ Profile instead of my Blogger profile, but I can live with that (or create an actual “About” page and send it there instead).

Another issue I have is that I prefer to show my handle to users instead of my real name, though I don’t mind my real name being known. A quick Google search led me to several solutions, many of them editing the HTML of the template. But I also found instructions for using CSS to change the author name on posts to a nickname. As noted on that site, it’s only really useful for single-author blogs, but it serves my needs just fine for now.


I’ve got some updates coming this way, and have started some updates to the site already.

First, you may have noticed that the “Technorati tags” line looks a little different. That’s because, when I started using them, I had to manually make that line a part of each and every post. Well, Blogger has long since implemented “Labels,” and it was a simple matter of changing a single line in the template. After you’d turned on labels and moved them where you want, simply find a line in your HTML that starts

a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’

and change that section of it to

expr:href=’””’ rel=’tag’

and you’re set.

Second, I’ll be moving this back to www. instead of blog. (edit: done)

Finally, as part of that, I’ll be importing all of the “Ghosts of Ohio” posts into Blogger. (edit: in progress, but a very manual process)

Oh, and I may hit up the Wayback Machine to find some of my old posts and start importing them again. From now on, I’m not deleting a single thing 😉 (edit: in progress, but an extremely manual process)

edit: Oh, and obviously I’m off my anti-Google kick 😉 So also expect the feeds to be changed back over to Feedburner soon. (edit2: done)

edit2: And look for a return of my one-word move reviews (which will, obviously, contain affiliate links).

Hello again!

Hello again! Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m using Blogger to drive the site, instead of the BBS software I was running for awhile. As many may have noticed from my profile, my location has changed to Seattle. I haven’t moved yet, but I’m sure I’d forget to update it once I have 😉 Look for infrequent posting until I’m actually in the greater Seattle area, but once I’m there things should pick back up.

A little change

One of the first changes that I’m made to the blog, in my attempt to overhaul it, was made yesterday. It’s such a tiny change, yet has made the biggest visual impact that a single change could make: I changed the default theme background image to an image of binary 1’s and 0’s. I’ve done a bunch of customization to the Folio theme to try to make it my own, and though the binary is certainly not an original idea, I think it’s that one thing that I needed to finally achieve that goal. What does everyone think? Did it make as big an impact as I think, or am I just imagining it?


I’ve been playing with Blogger a bit, and it looks like I may find what I’ve been looking for. It looks like, with the proper tweeking, it will allow me to do exactly what I want to do with my site. We’ll see 🙂

Welcome (original Blogger edition)

Welcome to my Blog. I’m considering using Blogger to completely maintain my website. I haven’t decided yet. If not, my regular page can be found here.

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