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Fixed images?

The site from the old backups had all files in the root folder of the site, while the current iteration has everything except the index under “/blog/,” which is what caused the images in all the old posts to be broken. I’ve just copied the folder in question to root and all is fine. I probably could have create a mod_rewrite rule to handle the location difference, but it’s not really worth thinking about if there’s such a simple solution 😉

Broken Links

Broken Links
I have started using a plugin to clean up some of the broken links on the site. Many of the links that were found are quite old, and some merely needed updated from http to https. Others had .com when they should have had .org. Still others are long gone from the internet. And some were just fine, and I have no idea why they were marked as broken. Once I complete this cleanup of broken links, I will likely point the ones that are gone forever to the Wayback Machine, if available, or turn the plugin’s CSS back on so that broken links are apparent.

On a related note, I removed the Links page, as all it was getting was the occasional spam that needed moderated. I originally set the page up as part of doing strictly “Ghosts of Ohio” with the site, when it sorta made a good idea.

Cleaning up the sidebar is my next priority. What should go? What should stay? Should any of it be moved to the footer instead? Let me know in comments!

Back to WordPress

I am back to WordPress, with a bonus of lots of old content being imported back in! Some items might not work quite right, and some might work fine. I’ll fine-tune everything over the coming days, but it’s good to be back 🙂 Also note, I’ve integrated the posts of my old running blog here, too, and will be decommissioning that blog completely soon.

Working on WordPress

FYI, I’m working on bringing WordPress back, and have discovered an old database dump of old posts, so I may be able to import them as well. I’ll wait until I’ve ported the theme over, so the process is as invisible as possible.


I know Technorati doesn’t exactly hold the same relevance it once did, but I continue to use it, mostly out of habit. But I’m really starting to wonder if it has any relevance at all anymore. I can’t tell you the last time I saw traffic come from there, and their wonderful widgets are long since gone. I wonder if it’s time to stop bothering with making sure my blogs are listed there or not. Any thoughts?


Because I have been an idiot with outright deleting old content, the only real way to import old archives is by combing the Wayback Machine and manually importing old posts. While doing that over the weekend, I discovered A) that I had some great content mixed in with the not-so great, and B) it is very time consuming. Probably too time consuming to worry about at the moment. If I manage to script the process (or, at least, mostly script it), I’ll revisit the issue. For now, I may just go through and continue grabbing some of the gems. That said, I do still plan on grabbing the Ghosts of Ohio stuff manually, but it may take some time.


I’ve got some updates coming this way, and have started some updates to the site already.

First, you may have noticed that the “Technorati tags” line looks a little different. That’s because, when I started using them, I had to manually make that line a part of each and every post. Well, Blogger has long since implemented “Labels,” and it was a simple matter of changing a single line in the template. After you’d turned on labels and moved them where you want, simply find a line in your HTML that starts

a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’

and change that section of it to

expr:href=’””’ rel=’tag’

and you’re set.

Second, I’ll be moving this back to www. instead of blog. (edit: done)

Finally, as part of that, I’ll be importing all of the “Ghosts of Ohio” posts into Blogger. (edit: in progress, but a very manual process)

Oh, and I may hit up the Wayback Machine to find some of my old posts and start importing them again. From now on, I’m not deleting a single thing 😉 (edit: in progress, but an extremely manual process)

edit: Oh, and obviously I’m off my anti-Google kick 😉 So also expect the feeds to be changed back over to Feedburner soon. (edit2: done)

edit2: And look for a return of my one-word move reviews (which will, obviously, contain affiliate links).

Welcome back

Since I re-purposed my main site as a “Ghosts of Ohio” site, I thought I’d create a sub-domain for the personal blog, and drive it with Blogger. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some old content was still here. Should I leave it, or delete it? Hmmm…

At some point, I’ll consolidate designs and maybe drive everything with the same software, but for now, I just want to be able to write. I thought about using my Journal at, but for some reason it felt a little restrictive. Maybe it’s just me. Regardless, I’m home now, so welcome back.

Something old is new again…

Just a quick note to let everyone know I found a cool feature of Google Reader – it keeps the last 1000 posts for a given feed! This means that I am importing posts all the way back to 2006 into the current iteration of the blog. The sad part? I have to do it by hand, as the importers don’t handle the file properly.

Why are comments moderated?

I just realized that, as an advocate of free speech, I thought it might be wise to post an explanation of why comments are moderated here.

The explanation really is quite simple: spam. I moderate comments so that I can keep out the spam. If you are a human posting a comment, it will get approved. If it does not get approved, it must have appeared to be spam 😉 Sure, I use a ton of anti-spam measures both on the blog and on the forum, but by requiring moderation of your first couple of comments, I add myself as the final anti-spam measure. After you’ve been approved twice before, your comments should be auto-approved. The restrictions on the forum are the same (two approved posts, then auto-approval kicks in), and, unfortunately, approved comments do not count towards posts and approved posts do not count towards comments. The only other difference with the forum is that off-topic posts will be moved to a more appropriate location, but will not be deleted.