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Resurecting our two favorite dead girls

logo_phpBBAs everyone should aware, Miles approached me because his engineer was having issues restoring the official LGPedia. The engineer seemed to think that the copy of the database Miles had provided was missing some tables. So I provided both the files and the database for the unofficial version I had managed to pluck from Once he had those restored, he still couldn’t get the database Miles had provided to work correctly, so Miles approached for assistance, asking if I could log in to the server and check things out. Instead, I asked for the database files and and html/php files he may have. Did I have an ulterior motive in asking that? Why yes. Yes, I did. 😉 Turns out, what was provided to me contains a lot more than just LGPedia, which is exactly what I had hoped. So, after restoring all the databases to a tiny server at home, I got to work resoring LGPedia. After a little work, I was successful. The “skin” was broken, so I used a default one instead. But the data is newer than what has, so, despite looking a little different, the original LGpedia should be coming back Real Soon Now.

Also in the files sent to me was a database dump of the forums circa 2007. So, I checked the phpBB version according to the database dump, and tracked down that ancient version using a bit of Google-fu. And, just like it was 2007, I’ve spent way more time than I’d like to admit browsing the restored forums. I’m sure when the Pedia officially comes back, the forums will, too 🙂

Also, the are database dumps for Harpers Globe, a couple versions of Umbrella (which was proprietary, so, without the source code to the site itself, will take some real effort to resurrect), n1ckopedia, Inside LG15, and more. The most notable of which is the old wordpress site which hosted the comments board. It appears to have used some custom plugins with dealing with videos, so the greatest value is in the comments themselves.

At any rate, I am working to restore what I can, and, once restored, will move everything to the server Miles is using. I am calling this the “lonelygirl15 resurrection project,” but I could just as easily call it the “CassieIsWatching resurrection project,” as it is my love of CiW that is driving this effort.

For a preview of my efforts, you can go to my little home server for a list of links to what has been and is in the process of being restored. The links will either go to the official server that Miles is using, if it has been copied over yet, or to a local copy, possibly a work-in-progress version, on my little home server. So, please be gentle on the server. while browsing 🙂 Oh, and, regardless of what Miles does with the “official” versions, the restored versions will remain on my little home server. I’ve just been unlinking each site and linking to a redirect script as I get them moved over.

I’m excitedly waiting for Miles to make an official announcement about LGPedia and the forums. In the meantime, enjoy the preview. 🙂

Just as an FYI, I have a phpBB scraper ready to go, and have tested it with, which I now have an XML dump of, should something ever happen to it 😉 I’ll work on making that XML dump usable (and searchable) in an effort to gather as much CiW-related information in one place. Once usable, I’ll make a download available as well. If someone wants the raw files in the meantime, just ask 🙂