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The Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy Theories

skeptics_My wife just picked up a copy of The Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy Theories [affiliate link] for me, and it seems hilarious so far. You just know that any book that starts out “I have to write this fast because they’re on to me” or somesuch is gonna be great. And the “notes” in the margins by a paranoid “reader” are especially funny. Loving it so far! 🙂

Sorry ’bout the downtime

Sorry ’bout the downtime late last night/early this morning. We had a series of power outages that was just enough to make my cable modem decide to malfunction until I reset it. To make up for it, here’s a random picture I found on the net that’s absolutely hilarious:

spam from Jesus

Take a look at this spam that I received today. Apparently, Jesus thinks that I need Norton Internet Security 2004. It also appears that Jesus prefers Yahoo! mail over Hotmail. Maybe someone should send Jesus a Gmail invite? But, being the Son of God, shouldn’t he already have one?

Tech Support

As part of my job, I check several support-related email accounts. I had the following message come in to our abuse account, and just have to share it:

“Can anyone there tell me why when my sister sends me an email, I get this message saying OE has deleted unsafe attachments to her emails? I never hardly get to read her stuff, just family stuff you know. What is this OE and how dare they delete my emails! Any info you have will be greatly appreciated.”