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A couple of DIY cpu / computer links

Here are a couple of links to homebrew cpu and computers that I thought my readers might finder interesting. The first is a homebrew CPU that I found on Hacked Gadgets. The Nibbler is a 4-bit CPU, hence the name (a nibble is half a byte).

The second link is a 3-chip retrocomputer via Hack A Day. It uses a 6502 CPU, much like the early Apple computers. I wonder if something similar could be done for the beloved 6809, as used in the Tandy CoCo

Great homebrew computer

I don’t know how I missed it, but this has to be the greatest homebrew computer ever! Some of the features:

  • MC68008 CPU, clocked with 10MHz
  • 4MB DRAM, 512kB dedicated VRAM
  • Yamaha V9990 Video Display Processor
  • dual SID stereo
  • IDE/ATA and floppy disk interface
  • RTC
  • 10base-T Ethernet
  • PS/2 compatible Keyboard and Mouse ports
  • Two Atari style Joystick ports
  • RS232 and parallel ports
  • 32KB EPROM with IDE/ATA Boot Code
  • Enhanced Basic 68k