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LG15chat: The Clues

Here are the clues that have been posted (in binary, mind you) to the #lg15chat IRC:

    There will always be a day, when the world will end..W@
    There is never a time when @e Bree was alone, yes, Jon@
    Nicely done on @the solving, there is more!
    Lets not worry about the PAST right now. Lets worry ab@
    Lets Worry about the @end.
    Your Clues are @we @the and that should be the @end. F@

Feel free to comment anywhere such things are being discussed (including, but not limited to, this post, WebSeriesToday, Facebook, email, Second Life, chat on this site, or even a private post which needs a password).

Add comments to this post if a private conversation is required. Let me know if you can’t comment here ( for those who don’t have it already). I also thought this might be a good way to keep everything in one place.

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