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Just as an FYI, I have a phpBB scraper ready to go, and have tested it with, which I now have an XML dump of, should something ever happen to it 😉 I’ll work on making that XML dump usable (and searchable) in an effort to gather as much CiW-related information in one place. Once usable, I’ll make a download available as well. If someone wants the raw files in the meantime, just ask 🙂

Come and get it!

Come and get it! Or, go and get it! The content I used to get LGPedia back online is an XML dump at Download it so you have a copy. I guarantee I don’t plan on letting it ever go offline again, but plans sometimes change. The only way to make sure LGPedia survives forever is to make sure as many people as possible have a copy.

That said, I plan an scraping any remaining CiW-related content I can find online, and have even considered writing a custom web crawler that simply searches the web for Cassie-related content and indexes it for us. The scraper I plan on unleashing will grab content from phpBB forums (I’ll add more forum types later) and create either static pages or XML files of the results. I’m thinking XML files, as I can more easily style the results as well as make them searchable.

If you run any type of CiW-related website, especially if it’s database-driven in any way, please consider sending a copy of the content my way. If your site is still active, I can do as I’ve done with LGPedia, at Miles Becket’s request, and make it read-only. Or, as I plan on doing with LGPedia once the official is back up, make it inaccessible and just redirect the traffic to the original site.

At any rate, if you want a copy of LGPedia, come and get it! I can help you get a local copy of it accessible, should you so desire, or, just grab it in case something happens to my copy and/or the copy.


Some of the improvement are coming along, the first two of which are a better theme (that I’ve used in the past) and phpBB integration using WP-United. I’ve already got Chat, and I’ll likely throw in a Wiki soon as well. Updates to come…

Welcome back

Welcome back to Nitemare Cafe. The site is currently a work-in-progress (when hasn’t it been?) as I modify phpBB‘s theme to match the colors of the theme that I’m using in WordPress. Thanks to WP-United, the logins are integrated again 🙂 After the theme is updated, it’s time to integrate chat and wiki functions as well.

Welcome (phpBB version)

Greetings, and welcome to Nitemare Cafe! You may be asking yourself, “What is Nitemare Cafe?” Well, the answer is simple. Nitemare Cafe is the BBS that I ran for several years. Well, I’ve decided that it’s time to bring it back! While it originally ran under WWIV as a dial-up BBS, it currently runs under phpBB2 as a web-based BBS. Why? Because I don’t have time to get all of the quirks worked out to allow telnet (or even java) access to WWIV. Also, the community behind phpBB reminds me very much of the old WWIV community. Source code is available, thus there is an active modding community very similar to my WWIV days. I may eventually find myself with time to work on WWIV, but until then phpBB2 is an excellent replacement.

(this was originally posted using phpBB2)

phpBB (again)

I think I’ve made the decision to use just phpBB for my site. I’ll probably wrap some other stuff around it, but I can’t see a point in having one location for news, with comments, and a separate where users can post. Seems kinda counter-intuitive to me. So, with some additional work, Nitemare Cafe will be ready.


I’ve got some real forums available via phpBB at I’m probably going to be installing either PHPnuke, PostNuke, or SlashCode soon, but it could be that phpBB, along with some custom coding, is what I really want to go with. I’m just not sure yet. Anyone have any thoughts?

(this was originally posted using custom blog scripts)