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My daughter found a rabbit den in our back yard, so of course decided she wanted bunnies. So we bought her two domestic bunnies and named them Tandy and CoCo. My wife actually suggested the names, but I definitely approve 😉 I didn’t realize how much character they have. One of them is really laid back, but the other is extremely inquisitive. It is so fun to watch!

Fn Keys

I’ve owned a Lenovo notebook for awhile now, and have been using it for work since I got it, but one thing that’s driven me nuts about it is the the Fn hotkeys are active by default, and you have to press Fn to use the actual function keys. This isn’t so bad itself, but one of the keys is “Airplane mode,” and I’m constantly bumping the thing and disconnecting from my WiFi while I’m working, which boots me off my VPN and I have to log back in every time. This usually happens when it’s most inconvenient, so I finally got fed up with it and discovered a bios setting to disable hotkeys by default, so I have to hold Fn to activate them, and the function keys actually work as function keys. Yay! No more accidental airplane mode! 🙂

Yamaha Heritage Classic?

Some years ago, I owned what I thought was a 1982 Yamaha Heritage Classic, which had a 650cc engine and was an absolutely beautiful bike. It was really heavy for its size, and was the perfect height for my 5’6″ frame. I got rid of it a LONG time ago, but recently started thinking about getting another motorcycle. When I Google “Yamaha Heritage Classic,” I get results for “Yamaha Heritage Special” instead. I’m not sure if I’m mis-remembering the name of the motorcycle I owned, or if it’s just a rare beast and my Google-fu simple isn’t strong enough. The Heritage Special looks quite a bit like my old bike, but it’s hard to say because the seat had been replaced on mine with something completely different from stock long before I owned it. I’ll be keeping an eye out, for either. If any of my readers run across a reasonably priced one within a few hours driving distance of central Ohio, let me know…


Missed yesterday. At least I made it half way through December before missing a day, and I have a good excuse 😉

The wife and I went to the 1:15AM showing of Rogue One (which is the best Star Wars since the first one, IMHO) and came out to freezing rain. I love our in BFE, and by the time we reached the North outerbelt in Columbus, the highways were already a bit tricky. So we headed to the in-laws’ to crash for a bit before h3ading home. And by then, my phone was too drained to power up at all, and I was too lazy to pull out a notebook to post that Rogue One was excellent. Highly recommend.

RIP, Big Sis

One year + one month ago, my older sister passed away from lung cancer at 49 years old.

It feels like just yesterday that I was running a part-time BBS on her 286 computer with 2400 baud modem. A few years later, and I was babysitting her children and decided to chat with some of the users of her own BBS while the children were sleeping. This is how I met my wife.

I miss you, Angie. I can’t believe you’re gone. Thank you for everything you did for me while you were here.


My wife and I have problems waiting until the actual holiday before exchanging gifts. We get so excited about how much we know the other is going to love the item, that we rarely even get it wrapped. That’s certainly the case with my latest Christmas give from It is a bunch of swag and collectibles, similar to what you’d find at ThinkGeek (but much higher quality, imho), related to science fiction. The one she got my includes swag for Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, and more. Patches, books, pins, soundtracks (on vinyl, no less), etc. Very awesome gift.