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One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity…

Random title, just because ­čśë (I know, I know. I’ve used it on posts on previous iterations of the blog.)

A week in to December, and linking to Wil Weaton again. This time it’s because he’s asking for Arduino and Raspberry Pi project ideas, and I really want to see what people post in his comments. Thought my few readers might be interested as well ­čśë

Set up a TOR WifI Gateway

With all the NSA spying and such, those who value their privacy may be interested in TOR, but not know where to start. Or they may want to enable TOR on their network by default. MAKE has a solution called How to Bake an Onion Pi, which many may find useful. My plan is to set something like this up, then having it sit alongside my regular wi-fi router. That way, I decide whether or not to use TOR via which WiFi network I connect to.


I am currently working on bringing the BBS back. Currently, I have┬áSynchronet running on a laptop, but I really miss my WWIV days. I have several conflicting ideas, starting with what package to use. My options are WWIV 5.x, WWIV 4.x (I still have my reg code), Synchronet, and Major BBS. All of them are trivial to run under Windows, but I’m seriously considering Linux. I kinda want to gut an old external modem and put a Raspberry Pi inside of it. I could even┬árepurpose┬áthe modem LEDs for different indicators. My favorite idea is to use WWIV 4.x, but because each node would need it’s own instance of DOSbox, I’m not sure how viable it is. Filesystem caching is easily overcome by telling it you’re mounting a floppy disk (but it never reports that there’s more than 1.4MB free space, even if you have gigs), but DOSbox itself it a bit resource intensive for the Pi. I’m not sure if it can be tweaked enough to get several instances to run at once. Maybe if I tell each instance it’s a 286 with text-only video? For the record, I also have a proof-of-concept single node running on my Pi, but DOSbox has not been tweaked. Maybe I’ll do some tweaking before deciding for sure.