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Rock Bottom – Highway to Hell

This video was shot awhile back, and was shared on our page on Facebook, but it needed rotated 90 degrees. Finally, I’ve gotten around to rotating it, and have re-posted it… We were missing our bass player that day, which puts this video from April, I believe. And we STILL don’t have a singer. (And please ignore the mistake at the end of the video, which caused us to stop. lol)

Singer Wanted!

I posted this on our Facebook page yesterday, but Rock Bottom is looking for a lead singer. We all grew up in the 80’s and are heavily influenced by 80’s hair metal, but plan on doing original stuff eventually and not remaining a cover band forever 😉 We’re mostly a group of beginners (except the lead guitarist) who enjoy hanging out and jamming on the weekend, so if you or someone you know is available to practice most Saturday evenings in Columbus, let one of us know on Facebook, or email Skill level isn’t as important as having fun doing it. We’re not looking to gig just yet, but once we have a singer and we’re comfortable with a set list, we might be 😉