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Late night Saturday, early Sunday, I met up with modelmotion and Ahcapella in Second Life for a little while. I’m led to believe that this has been a regular Saturday ritual for some time, but this was the first time I made it on. Had a great time, even though we didn’t get much discussed before 6am rolled around, but it sets the stage for me being on more often. So, see you in Second Life 😉 Another thing that come of it is that I realize how much my CassieIsWatching theories seem to focus on who the PM was. That was not my intent, and, quite honestly, that’s not important. What is important is solving that last anagram, figuring out what Helter Skelter has to do with anything, and what other clues we missed. The only real bearing who the PM was has on any of this is it might give insight into their thinking. At the same time, knowing it was a specific person may cause us to think one way and ignore clues that point another. Overall, I don’t think their identity matters and having them unknown to us helps keep the mystery alive.

On a related side note, I find it very interesting that Cassie managed to be very careful not to reveal her identity, but was careless enough to leave the default PIN on her voice mail set to 1234#. A possible explanation is that the PM was well aware of the sleuthing that went into revealing the Creators’ identities, so put energy into keeping that secret at the expense of a bit of carelessness elsewhere.

Regardless, I hope to see everyone in Second Life. Join us there for some CiW sleuthing.