Category: themes

New theme

I found a theme similar to the one I was already using, but which had already been converted to a mediawiki style, so I installed it. I’ll tweak the mediawiki version of it a bit, and tweak the phpBB style as well, to get everything even closer in appearance. There is still the issue of having to create the account in phpBB, but having to log in to the wiki separately, but that’s not a show-stopper. At least they use the same user database 🙂

Content on the forums and wiki are forthcoming 🙂

A little change

One of the first changes that I’m made to the blog, in my attempt to overhaul it, was made yesterday. It’s such a tiny change, yet has made the biggest visual impact that a single change could make: I changed the default theme background image to an image of binary 1’s and 0’s. I’ve done a bunch of customization to the Folio theme to try to make it my own, and though the binary is certainly not an original idea, I think it’s that one thing that I needed to finally achieve that goal. What does everyone think? Did it make as big an impact as I think, or am I just imagining it?