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I’m finally back!

This morning was my first run in quite some time. I only did about half a block before my difficulty breathing brought me to a brisk walk, but we’ve gotta start somewhere when we’ve lapsed for so long. I plan on running every other day (through the week) until my breathing comes more naturally. Then, I plan to step up to 5 or 6 days per week. I hope to be doing that by February. And yes, wintery weather does suck for a beginning runner. But again, we’ve gotta start somewhere…>

Right around 5K

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing 3 or 4 runs per week instead of my target goal of 6. But on the positive side, I managed to do a little longer run than I normally do during the week. I did 6 laps on a .54 mile track, so that works out just over the 5K mark. 5K is what? About 3.1mi? And I did right around 3.25 miles. I’m not sure how my time was, because I don’t really keep score there yet, but I think it probably sucked. So while I could physically complete a 5K, I’m not going attempt the upcoming one. There’s just not enough time to work on my pace before then. I really wish I were further along than I am, distance-wise, but I’ll probably immediately be able to double it once I finally get this breathing thing figured out.

I know from reading online that many runners will “train through” a race on their way to a marathon, and there’s a local 5K coming up in just over a month. But I’ve heard others say to never train through a race, because training and racing are two distinct activities. What does everyone here think? Should I train through the 5K, or keep my eye on the bigger race in October?

This week has not been a good week for training. I talked about the disruptions yesterday, and you could argue that this week has been a step backwards. But the fact that I’ve run at all this week is a positive note, so I’ll build on that.

I’ve managed to do a couple of my short, 10-minute, runs this week, instead of the 30-minute daily runs I was hoping for. Tomorrow, I’ll do at least 30 minutes at a local park like I did last Saturday, and then leave this week behind.

Training: Week 1 Review

This has been pretty much my first week of running. I actually started running a couple of months ago. But after a few weeks, I was forced to stop for a few weeks. So I count this as week one. Also, it’s been more like a pre-training period. I’ve done short runs of about 10-15 minutes every day this week, working on getting my muscles used to the activity. It has also helped to get me into the right frame of mind and gage where I’m at now so that I know how much progress I need to make before October 21. Here’s how the week has gone so far:

Monday – Since it was a holiday and I didn’t have to work, I ran for 10 minutes in the early afternoon.

Tuesday – I started doing my early-morning, workday, runs, doing another 10 minutes this morning.

Wednesday – I was starting to feel it, even with these short runs, so I ran 5 minutes, walked 5, and ran another 5.

Thursday – Breaking up the run yesterday with some walking seemed to help, so I felt good today and did the 10-minute run again.

Friday – I could have done the 10-minutes straight again today, but I’m planning on doing a slightly longer run on Saturday. So I did the 5-5-5 thing again today.

Saturday – This week has been more pre-training, sort of a “getting my feet wet” type of thing, and I plan to cap it off with a 30 minute run.

The reason I’ve started so slow is two-fold. First, I need to adjust to getting up earlier in the morning. Second, if I run more than 5 minutes in one direction from my home, I wind up running on fairly steep hills. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn’t want to throw up an obstacle that discourages me right out of the gate. My run tomorrow will be at a local park, where I can do 30 minutes on flat ground.

Looking forward to next week, I’ll be returning to my local roads to do my running on Monday, without fear of the hills. I’ll increase my daily running time to about 30 minutes, capping it off with a longer run on Saturday again.