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I have a Cisco 3650 switch which doesn’t retain its startup config, and doing a sh ver shows the config-register is 0x142. I change it, reboot, and it reverts back. Took forever to find the solution, but here it is:

config t
no system ignore startupconfig switch all
config-register 0x2102
write mem


Yesterday, I set up pihole. I followed it up by setting up PiVPN. I followed the portion of this guide, skipping the part on pihole since it was already complete.


Last night, I finally decided to get around to installing Pi-hole on my network. I followed the Adafruit guide because I like having some stats on the 2.8″ PiTFT display. Just between the time I completed the install around 15 hours ago, 1/3 of all DNS requests have been blocked. That is a whole lot of tracking and advertisements!

Chuck rewatch completed

A little while back, I started a rewatch of the TV series Chuck. I completed that rewatch the other day, and it has held up very well since it went off the air, and gets me excited for a potential reunion at some point in the near future. But while I was watching, I thought about either doing reviews for older shows that I enjoy rewatching, or do so via podcast. I think writing reviews/recaps may be quicker, but doing a rewatch podcast may be more fun to do. We’ll see. I’ll definitely have to go slower on the next rewatch instead of binging the series, so I can get it started.

Wear the mask



A few weeks back, my wife found one of those Arcade1Up cabinets in a thrift store, which had Pacman and Pacman Plus on it. They were asking $60 for it, and tried to tell her it just needed a new power cord, even though it powered up and got sound, just no video. She called them on that, so they offered it to her for $30. So, I got a Pacman cabinet that is the perfect size for the girls, with a dead screen. Investigation showed that the vertical screen is actually a standard 17″ 4:3 aspect ratio horizontal lcd, but the sides are covered by artwork. Since I was sure the monitor needed replaced, I picked one up at a thrift store for about $6 and stripped it out of its case. I 3d-printed some mounting brackets for it, as it wouldn’t mount quite the same way as the original one, and installed MAME on a notebook and connected it to the monitor, using a USB controller board for the joystick and buttons. It worked great, and the Pacman games I loaded on it automatically centered vertically on the screen, so all was good. But I didn’t want to waste the notebook on it, and you had to reach inside to power everything up, so I found an old Raspberry Pi, along with a PiCade hat for it, and installed RetroPie on it. The Pacman games stretched to full screen. The solution was to rotate the Pi screen on boot, then set the emulators (and Emulation Station) to rotate the screen again for the games. Amazingly, it worked. Now I discover that there is an image specifically for vertical games in MAME, and I’m guessing it boots properly with the horizontal monitor, as someone posted a video of the same model of cabinet running that image. So, here comes some more work 😉

Also, since the photo was taken, I’ve modified the power and volume switches. The power switch is now a button which powers the Pi on and off, and the Volume switch is now a button which selects which game. Once I load that other image, I’m probably going to add buttons to the front panel which will allow me to get out of a game and back to the menu to select a new one. Or, I’m considering building a new control panel with those buttons, plus 6 buttons for a single player.


Every year, I intend to join in NaNoWriMo, and every year, I forget about it until after it’s started, so wind up skipping it completely. This year, I found out about #1000wordsofsummer (via Lifehacker), which seems a little more achievable. I may just use this blog to do my 14 days, but I’m not certain. Anyone aware of a simple plugin to move the word count directly onto the editor window somewhere? I would be much more convenient than having to press the “I” in the corner to get current word count 😉

Universal Income

People often grumble about “socialism” without really understanding capitalism, either, so here’s a little thought experiment. If every adult in the US was given $2000/mo for the rest of their lives, what would actually happen?

$2000/mo is more than some of the working poor make, even with working multiple jobs. Their status in life would definitely be improved, at least in the short term. But what about yours?

For me, I make more than this, but what impact would $4000/mo, between my wife and I, have? For this thought experiment, I’m going to also assume that universal healthcare is also part of this package, so the stress of being one illness away from financial ruin is taken away as well.

The most obvious result is that I don’t have to worry about rent and other basic needs being met for myself and my family, therefore I don’t have to make what I do from my job. With tightened belts, I probably wouldn’t have to work at all if I didn’t want to. Which would be extremely tempting, but not entirely likely. I’m good at what I do, and work for a great employer, but I would likely quit to become self-employed so that I could set my own hours, spending more time with the family.

What would I do? I’d likely involve myself more in creative endeavors. I love music, but don’t have time to practice as much as I should, and could definitely not make a living at it right now. But with basic needs met, I don’t have to worry about making a living at it, as long as I make something. So doing it regularly would mean getting better at it, which would mean being able to make more at it. Same thing with writing. I don’t write because I can’t make a living at it right away, but without that concern, if I make a little, it’s enough to keep doing it, thus getting better at it, leading to the ability to make more at it.

I suspect a lot of other people are in a similar situation. Imagine a world where everyone could pursue their passion instead of being stuck doing something that they’re good at, but is just a daily grind for them. Is that really such a bad thing?