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Universal Income

People often grumble about “socialism” without really understanding capitalism, either, so here’s a little thought experiment. If every adult in the US was given $2000/mo for the rest of their lives, what would actually happen?

$2000/mo is more than some of the working poor make, even with working multiple jobs. Their status in life would definitely be improved, at least in the short term. But what about yours?

For me, I make more than this, but what impact would $4000/mo, between my wife and I, have? For this thought experiment, I’m going to also assume that universal healthcare is also part of this package, so the stress of being one illness away from financial ruin is taken away as well.

The most obvious result is that I don’t have to worry about rent and other basic needs being met for myself and my family, therefore I don’t have to make what I do from my job. With tightened belts, I probably wouldn’t have to work at all if I didn’t want to. Which would be extremely tempting, but not entirely likely. I’m good at what I do, and work for a great employer, but I would likely quit to become self-employed so that I could set my own hours, spending more time with the family.

What would I do? I’d likely involve myself more in creative endeavors. I love music, but don’t have time to practice as much as I should, and could definitely not make a living at it right now. But with basic needs met, I don’t have to worry about making a living at it, as long as I make something. So doing it regularly would mean getting better at it, which would mean being able to make more at it. Same thing with writing. I don’t write because I can’t make a living at it right away, but without that concern, if I make a little, it’s enough to keep doing it, thus getting better at it, leading to the ability to make more at it.

I suspect a lot of other people are in a similar situation. Imagine a world where everyone could pursue their passion instead of being stuck doing something that they’re good at, but is just a daily grind for them. Is that really such a bad thing?

Chuck Rewatch

Work, when I’m doing it from home, allows me some time to put on some old favorites to play in the background while I’m doing other things, so I am 8 1/2 episodes into a re-watch of the TV series “Chuck.” This series was absolutely brilliant, and while I love the idea of a reunion movie, I think it needs to come back, with original cast, and continue where it left off. It’s one of those series that *should* still be into it’s what? 14th season? by now, but sadly only got five. It needs more!

Move completed

The move completed with (hopefully) minimal downtime, and I upgraded Internet services in the process. 🙂

20 Album Covers, Day 20

Made it to day 20! And today’s entry is Ratt’s Out of the Cellar. Their debut album was huge, and pretty much defined glam metal for a time. Like every other album on this list, I could sit down and listen to it in full at any time, and enjoy every single track as if it were the first time hearing it. That was one of the criteria for making this list 😉

20 Album Covers, Day 19

It was difficult to choose between an album by VH and Dokken for this challenge, and I ultimately decided on Dokken because, as good as Eddie’s playing is, VH never had quite the same impact on me as Dokken did. And this album was one of their earlier greats.

20 Album Covers, Day 18

You must be sad if you thought I’d make it all the way through without including a Judas Priest album cover 😉 Rob Halford’s voice. And even the tracks that didn’t get a lot of airplay are as great as the ones that did.

20 Album Covers, Day 17

It took me some time after getting into rock to visit the back catalogs of my favorite artists, and when I finally did… Well, how could Black Sabbath NOT make my list, and with a couple of Ozzy’s trademark songs on it, how could it NOT be Paranoid? Love that song, and the whole album is early heavy metal gold.

20 Album Covers, Day 16

Growing up, I went to a lot of concerts, but they were all local acts or cover bands. The first national act, doing original material, that I saw live has Bonham, in support of The Disregard of Timekeeping when it first came out. I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but I saw the show at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio, but I can’t find that listed anywhere online. Regardless, the show kicked ass, they did some Led Zep covers as well as their original material, and I was right against the center of the stage for the entire show.

20 Album Covers, Day 15

I hated today’s album when it first came out, but it quickly grew on me to the point it was one of my favorite albums for awhile. The two songs that got radio air time got overplayed a bit, but everything on this album is great. Even has some of Randy’s influence still, as he even has writing a writing credit or two. I’d add one of their earlier albums because of Randy Rhoads, but I honestly hadn’t discovered them until this album, and hadn’t heard the earlier stuff until more recently.

20 Album Covers, Day 14

Is this technically a soundtrack, too? This album cover is from Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remain’s the Same, which I watched a couple dozen times with my friends when I was a teenager. There was a group of five of us, two of whom were brothers, and we would frequently spend entire weekends at the brothers’ house, and their parents would make these huge breakfasts, and we would listen to music and watch concerts and Headbanger’s Ball on MTV, and MTV had this concert/movie on a fairly regular rotation, and we caught it whenever we could. I still hang with two of the guys from back then every now and then, but I have no idea whatever came of the brothers. I’ve tried to find them on social media a few times, but my searches always come up empty.