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Time to revisit some stories? Entries wanted!

Now that James A. Sheets’ old Ghosts of Ohio site from Greenapple has been imported, I would like to solicit entries from my readers. You can email entries to me at, use the Discussion Board, use the Contact page, or fill out the form below. Please let me know if you’d like to remain anonymous, or if you’d like to become a regular author on the site. Also, while name and email address are not required, they would be appreciated, even if you wish your entry to remain anonymous. This way we can discuss the potential entries and I can gather more information, if needed, before posting them.

In the meantime, I think it might be time to revisit some of the entries already posted, as there are plenty of other sources of information to fill in some details that might have been missed on the original entries. Tomorrow, I’ll begin by revisiting Moonville. It’s such a beautiful area, and one which is easy to visit yourself.

Again, please submit your entries via one of the methods listed above, or use this form:

Edit to add: In the meantime, after tomorrow’s post, posting frequency will likely slow down a bit. My primary goal was to capture all the stories James A. Sheets had on his old site, and that has now been accomplished.

The first month

When I first launched the new version of the site, part of my goal, as mentioned, was to dump the contents of James A. Sheets’ original “Ghosts of Ohio” site from Greenapple here, to give it a place to live. The first page of his site, coincidentally, had just enough stories to give me content for the first month. I really hope you’ve enjoyed these stories, but I am getting close to needing to find a new source for content. (Don’t panic just yet. There’s about two more weeks’ worth of posts on the original site!) If you have any stories to add, or additions or corrections (or photos) for anything already posted or to come, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Wecome to the new Nitemare Cafe! This time around, it’s all about “Ghosts of Ohio*,” as I felt inspired by an old user site1 on Greenapple of the same name. Sadly, that site, whose original URL was, is gone, but I will slowly be dumping it’s contents here. I hope you enjoy!

1 That “Ghosts of Ohio” site was by James A Sheets.
2 The link is to‘s Wayback Machine version of the site from April 05, 2001.

*and other paranormal stuff