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I survived Hell Week

There really was little doubt, but I survived my own personal “Hell Week” of working full-time, attending classes (and even taking an exam in psychology!), and working a couple of nights as a security officer for a local festival. I missed my goal of posting daily to all of my blogs, but every other day isn’t too bad 🙂 Now, I’m off to finish up my lunch break so that I can complete my 13-hour day. After tomorrow’s all-day class, hell week is finally over 🙂

Hell Week

Someone should have warned me that this week was going to be “Hell Week,” but it’s of my own making.

This week, several things have happened at once. First, I work my normal job (about 44 hours a week). On top of that, second summer session started at school. I’m only taking 6 credit hours (one 5 credit-hour class plus a workshop), but that’s three nights a week. And to top it off, I’m working two night shifts of security detail for a local festival. And did I mention that my new goal is to post to all three of my blogs daily? I’ve obviously missed that target already, but every-other-day is still better than what I was doing 🙂


Finally, I get a week off from work. I have been coding in PHP for several months now, and sometimes you just need to step away from it. So, I’m taking this week so that when I get back, I’ll be more productive than ever 🙂 Everyone have a great week! And happy Independence Day! 🙂

Balancing act

I have been doing a major balancing act between blogging, work, school, and home life, and I have a ton of stuff clipped to my Bloglines clip blog that I’ve been meaning to add commentary to and post here. But I’ve always had a poor sense of balance and I haven’t gotten to it yet. But many things are coming to a close for me: classes are over for the quarter except for exams. My online application successfully launched on Friday of last week – all that is left is a little bit of tweaking here and there and then working on feature requests (development is never really done). So with all of these things winding down, I should find myself with enough time to dedicate a little bit of it to blogging again. I feel like it’s time to start getting serious about blogging. Maybe I should try the 10-minute experiment that Wil Wheaton tried awhile back and see what happens.