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1932: The Great Emu War

From now on, anyone asking what my favorite movie is gets this - 1932: The Great Emu War. It's historical fiction, based on the actual war. This short film is absolutely fucking brilliant, and is as absurd as a movie based on this part of human history should be. The production value is top-notch, and the acting is over-the-top in just the right places - just as the acting in a movie with this premise should be. My favorite line of dialogue is a throw-away line which breaks the fourth wall, but I believe is the only line in the 30 minutes where it goes meta. Anyhow… On with the film:

2023/01/28 13:02 · wintermute · 0 Comments

20 years!

Here's a capture of my Greenapple page, which is what I first moved over to my own domain, from about 20 years ago. Man, I love!

2023/01/16 12:49 · wintermute · 0 Comments

Welcome to 2023!

I did a pretty shit job of keeping up on posting to the blog through all of last year, so I wanted to start my first workday of 2023 with a post about something I previously posted about, monthly usage statistics. As previously stated, I used to do these posts on the first working day of the month, so here are the interesting stand-outs from December 2022, even though I failed to post a single time:

My most popular post, by a landslide, was the one about the Area5150 demo. This makes me happy, and points my in the direction I should continue with the blog.

About a third of visitors came from the US, with about half as many coming from Russia and then slightly less than that from Germany. Just over 5% of visits are listed as coming from the EU, which is confusing because Germany is part of the EU, but has about three times as many visits as the EU. I have no idea of what the EU represents here, because most (of not all) of the other EU nations have their own entries. Maybe there are some IP addresses in my logs which geolocation just cannot find anything more specific than that? Rounding out the top five, just behind what I'll just consider non-specific EU visitors, is China. There's another entry, way down on the list, just labelled as “Reunion,” which I need to figure out where that is supposed to be, but otherwise there's nothing particularly unusual in the list. Having so many visits from Russia was a bit surprising, but my best guess is that there's some scanning for web vulnerabilities going so my server can be weaponized in their cyberwar with Ukraine. I doubt they found any, as I mostly follow best practices and monitor more closely where I know I deviate from them.

So, that's December 2022 in a nutshell. Nothing particularly surprising. Here's to hoping I manage more, and better, content in 2023 than I did last year. Happy New Year!

2023/01/03 15:14 · wintermute · 0 Comments

Acer Aspire

I have a slightly older Acer Aspire laptop which has both HDMI and VGA outputs on the side. I assumed that those two outputs would mirror each other, or only one could be active at a time, so imagine my surprise when I plugged a monitor into each and had a triple-monitor setup on it under Linux. I am going to get a VGA-HDMI converter so that I can use both of my 32“ monitors (which do not have VGA inputs) for work, and dedicate my more powerful Acer Predator laptop as a strictly gamming machine.

2022/11/14 10:00 · wintermute · 0 Comments

You can't re-write a blank page

I follow a number of musicians on YouTube, many of whom I've discovered via their collaboration with Frog Leap Studios. One of them is Mary Spender, but she does a lot more videos than just music, which I typically ignore. For some reason, I decided to click on one this AM before work, and she was talking the typical “Just start” type of pep-talk to those who might want to make a change or start a project but can't seem to, and, because I've had an idea for a novel stuck in my head for decades now, the line in the title of this post really resonates with me. Most writing is re-writing, and “you can't re-write a blank page.”

2022/10/04 09:20 · wintermute · 0 Comments

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