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D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!

I just finished my binge of DB Cooper: Where Are You?! and thought I'd share a few thoughts, since this case has fascinated me since childhood.

First, Tom Colbert comes off looking like an asshole conspiracy nutjob. Most of this series focuses on him and his “search,” but he seems to lock onto a suspect early on into his investigation and then closes himself off to all other possibilities. While the series does touch on other investigators and other theories, none so much as Tom Colbert.

Second, unless a body is found with one of the parachutes and some of the cash strapped to it because they died in the jump, I don't think we'll ever know for certain who DB Cooper was. Considering he was thought to be in his 40s in 1971, and was a smoker, he is almost certainly dead by now. Or will be soon.

Finally, it's not a great series, but one worth watching if you've ever had any interest in the story at all. It was definitely enough to renew my interest in the subject ;)

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