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July 2022 Statistics

Many moons ago, I had webalizer installed on my self-hosted website, and the first Monday of the month, I always posted about the statistics for the previous month, and anything interesting I had found. Well, since I am self-hosting, I have re-installed it and am still fine tuning things, like removing my own visits and all the bots, but here's what I found for July 2022:

Visitors from the US account for 37.5% of hits to the site, but there are still too many bots in my stats. This is followed by France(16.28%), China(8.84%), Romania(8.42%), and Russian Federation(7.58%) to fill out the top 5. I find it interesting that there are 43 hits from “Unresolved/Unknown.”

There are *way* too many bots to find the most popular browsers used. I need to start filtering out known user agents and see what is left.

The most top 5 posts appear to be History does not remember blood. It remembers names., Dracula Daily, CassieIsWatching, Countdown to Webb first images, and Stranger Things (are afoot).

It appears that the #1 referrer, which aren't either direct hits or internal links is my wife's site, Considering it is barely used and hasn't been updated forever, I find this a bit surprising. I also got a few hits from Google. Most of the rest are internal links, as mentioned.

The 5am and 6am hours, seem to be the most popular times, followed by 11pm, 6pm, and 3pm (all EST). The busiest day, by far, as July 23. I find this the oddest statistic in the entire lot, as nothing appears to have occurred on the 23rd. The previous post was on the 17th, and the next post was on the 25th. I'll have to go back and see if that's consistent or just an oddity, and whether that changes once the bots are filtered out.

Anyhow, that's pretty much it. I used to do these summaries monthly. Is it worth doing them again?

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