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I've moved the blog off of the main page, except for a single post, and gave it an entry on the sidebar navigation. I may or may not leave it that way, but it works for me for now.

I plan to also rebuild my BBS at some point, and add the online pages for it there as well. I haven't done so yet because, while having a modern version of WWIV is great, it does not inspire me like the old 4.x versions did. If I can somehow run the modern network stack on the old version, that would be the best of both worlds ;) I may attempt this as some point.

It's been awhile, so I finally re-created a page for the Ghosts of Ohio pages I pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Here are links to the media downloaders, since I can never remember the ports:
SABnzbd - Download manager
Sonarr - TV Shows
Radarr - Movies
Lidarr - Music
Readarr - Books
Plex - Plex

You can't re-write a blank page

I follow a number of musicians on YouTube, many of whom I've discovered via their collaboration with Frog Leap Studios. One of them is Mary Spender, but she does a lot more videos than just music, which I typically ignore. For some reason, I decided to click on one this AM before work, and she was talking the typical “Just start” type of pep-talk to those who might want to make a change or start a project but can't seem to, and, because I've had an idea for a novel stuck in my head for decades now, the line in the title of this post really resonates with me. Most writing is re-writing, and “you can't re-write a blank page.”

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