Welcome to the LG15 Restoration Project!

Some time ago, while attempting to get the official LGpedia back online, Wintermute was provided with some database dumps in order to help out. This resulted in the forums also getting restored, with the intention of restoring everything else that was included in the dumps. Unfortunately, life happens, and Wintermute thought he had deleted those dumps. It turns out, he hadn't. After a way-too long delay, all the database dumps have been imported into mysql, but various software needs installed in order to support those databases. The following folders contain sites which have been restored to at least a somewhat-usable state. Logins *should* still work for the various sites, assuming you still know your username and password. Password resets likely won't work, and some site features may be missing.

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If you are one of "the powers that be" and would like any content removed, or moved to a more official website, please contact Wintermute to discuss.