20 Album Covers, Day 15

I hated today’s album when it first came out, but it quickly grew on me to the point it was one of my favorite albums for awhile. The two songs that got radio air time got overplayed a bit, but everything on this album is great. Even has some of Randy’s influence still, as he even has writing a writing credit or two. I’d add one of their earlier albums because of Randy Rhoads, but I honestly hadn’t discovered them until this album, and hadn’t heard the earlier stuff until more recently.

20 Album Covers, Day 14

Is this technically a soundtrack, too? This album cover is from Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remain’s the Same, which I watched a couple dozen times with my friends when I was a teenager. There was a group of five of us, two of whom were brothers, and we would frequently spend entire weekends at the brothers’ house, and their parents would make these huge breakfasts, and we would listen to music and watch concerts and Headbanger’s Ball on MTV, and MTV had this concert/movie on a fairly regular rotation, and we caught it whenever we could. I still hang with two of the guys from back then every now and then, but I have no idea whatever came of the brothers. I’ve tried to find them on social media a few times, but my searches always come up empty.

20 Album Covers, Day 13

I guess this one’s technically a soundtrack, too, and the movie is what put this album cover on the list. Pink Floyd’s The Wall was required watching for my high school psychology/sociology class, and the music makes this one of my favorite albums of theirs.

20 Album Covers, Day 12

This is another interesting album cover. The first time I went skydiving (I’ve gone twice), my wife had ordered me a complete package, including video. While the video they did was great, I wanted to post it on Youtube, but I didn’t like the music they had set it to. So I went looking for a song that was licensed under Creative Commons this I could use. That’s when I stumbled across a song by Oh Crap! Ninjas. The problem was that the song I found was shorter than my video, so I had to edit it down a bit. So this album is important because it contains the song I used to commemorate my first skydive, and is also in the first video I ever edited. (Also, David Gielan from Oh Crap! Ninjas made one of the few comments on the video, so that was cool, too!)

Side story: I was only aware of the single I chose for my video. I had a different cover planned for today, but my daughter was talking to me about wanting to get into 3d printing, so I asked if she wanted to see any time-lapse videos. So I showed her a couple of them that I had done. She noticed my skydive video and wanted to watch that, too, and liked the song I used. So I decided to see if I could find an album the song had come off of so I could use the cover. Sure enough, the album is still available for streaming 🙂

20 Album Covers, Day 11

Today’s album cover is a bit different than the rest, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s not something one might expect from an 80s metalhead. Second, because it’s the first (and probably only) to make this list, at least until I expand it beyond the 20 entries 😉

The reason for this is the movie that it is attached to. You see, when I first met my wife, we were best friends for several years before we ever started dating. Until, one day, she told me to go see City of Angels. So, I did. It made me realize how much we meant to each other, so this movie is responsible for us finally getting together 🙂

20 Album Covers, Day 10

Today marks the halfway point of 20 Albums in 20 Days, and I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what I’ve posted so far and what I have planned for the next 10 days.

With the limit of 20 covers, there are a lot of great artists not being represented, and I’m also trying not to do more than one album for a given artist, which leads to some difficult decisions. Today is an exception to that rule, as Back in Black was the first album with Brian Johnson picking up right where Bon Scott left off, and both deserve to be represented in this list. That could be said of some other act which had artists changed at some point, but this is one of the ones that really meant something to me.

To make up for missing out on so many great covers, I may continue on here, but not on Facebook, as a weekly feature after the first 20 are done 😉

Album Covers, Day 9

After hearing Metallica and becoming a huge fan, Megadeth’s Peace Sells absolutely blew me away. And it was many years before I found out Dave Mustaine had been the original guitarist for Metallica, at which point I *had* to track down that demo. 😉

20 Album Covers, Day 8

Today’s album cover is likely to get most people over on FB scratching their heads, but it is the last band an old friend was in before he went on to do even bigger and better things. It is Philo’s Self Destructive In Dark. I added it because something from the local scene needs to be represented, and this band was fronted by one talented individual.

20 Album Covers, Day 7

What happens when teenage me hears Metallica for the first time? Master of Puppets doesn’t have a bad song on it, and was my introduction to thrash metal, which makes it my album cover for today. Cliff Burton is, by far, the best bass player to have ever lived (and the only reason I don’t list Steve Harris in that spot) and his death was the second big death in rock music to really have an impact.

In high school, I didn’t really fit in with any of the cliques. I looked more like a typical 80s metal-head stoner, but took a lot of college prep and advanced placement classes and didn’t really talk to anyone in any of those classes. Which meant that the day after word reached us of Cliff Burton’s death, I was quite surprised to walk into my Algebra 2 class to find almost all of my classmates in mourning and wearing Master of Puppets t-shirts. That’s probably the first time I ever talked to anyone in that class. Of course, my family and I moved to Georgia shortly after that, so I never really had a chance to form any friendships as a result of that new-found bond I had with my classmates.

20 Album Covers, Day 6

It was really hard not just post all of the album covers for albums which feature Randy Rhoads on guitar for this challenge 😉 But today’s cover, Ozzy’s Randy Rhoads Tribute, will hopefully be the only repeat, and it’s because his playing was so exceptional. One wonders what he could have accomplished had he not died in a plane accident at 26.