Friday, February 28, 2014

CassieIsWatching theory

codes into serapisIt wasn't intentional, but recovering LGPedia has managed to turn this into CassieIsWatching week. I'm sure I've shared at least part of what follow, but I'm also sure I haven't shared other parts. Regardless, below is my CassieIsWatching theory, most of it fairly random thoughts:

My CassieIsWatching Theory - The End

First, let me start with the end. The Anagram From Hell. For all the other anagrams, Cassie helped us out with additional clues, such as blurred-out images of the solved anagram, so we could tell word count and get a general idea of the length of each word of the poem. I believe our failure in Second Life caused Cassie to disappear, and that anagram was her farewell. I'm sure everyone would likely agree with that overall conclusion. If not, I'd love to hear other ideas in comments.

The Beginning

I believe that The Creators, despite their denials, were somehow involved, at least in the beginning. How involved, I do not know, but I suspect the original puppet master at least had their blessing, if they weren't outright running it to begin with.


I think Swimming! contained a clue that should have launched the ARG. I think This Is My Story Now was an explicit invitation to play.

When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop

I believe the backlash from the images in the second video was unexpected, so The Creators publicly distanced themselves in order keep that backlash from impacting LG15 itself. I do not know if there was someone else involved with the production in the very beginning that is still unknown to us, who maybe took over the reins of CiW once The Creators distanced themselves, or if they continued to run it in the background.

Frank. Poor Frank

I think when we finally failed Frank a couple of days before the ceremony, Kaye's message contained another clue that we had missed. I think from Kaye's phrasing, that clue may still be out there. What good would it do us now? Who knows? Closure for those of us still obsessed after all this time?

The Ceremony

If The Creators continued to run things, then why did the story lines of CiW and LG15 diverge? Quite possibly, our failure caused The Creators to face a choice. Either Bree died, or they diverged the story lines, leading to the fake ceremony Daniel witnessed in LG15. If Bree had died that early on, due to our failure at CiW, LG15 would have come to an untimely end. While the series survived Bree's eventual death, I'm not sure it would have had it occurred that early. I'm not 100% convinced The Creators were involved after the backlash, but it is a possibility.

Glenn Rubenstein

Even though it's been speculated that Glenn was the PM despite his denials, I do not believe this to be the case. I believe his gamejacking attempts frustrated the PM, though. What impact that had on the game itself is anyone's guess.

Final Thoughts

I believe our failure to solve early clues within LG15 led to the creation of CiW. I believe the backlash caused The Creators to want to end their association with CiW, but ending the ARG abruptly at that point would have outed them as the PMs, even if they were merely collaborating with the PM. I believe our failure gave them the perfect out from CiW, while allowing the main project, LG15, to continue.

I know some of these theories are a bit out there, and some cover old ground. I'm still not 100% convinced of anything related to CiW at this point, so I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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