Wednesday, February 21, 2007


xkcd is one of the funniest webcomics out, and nothing tops this one. Just thought I'd share...

Friday, February 9, 2007

Currently reading...

I'm sure everyone who visits the site instead of reads via RSS has probably noticed the "Currently Reading" section on the sidebar. That header is a little deceptive, because it's basically a rotating affiliate ad of things I've recently read or which are on my shortlist of things to read. I tend to not remove books from the ad rotation unless I finish it and feel that it totally sucks. So, even though "currently" might mean several months ago or within the next few weeks, you can rest assured that any book in rotation comes with my highest recommendation. ("Listen To" is pretty much the same thing, but for music. Except I've been more lazy in that regard and haven't added anything beyond the first CD. I'll get to it soon.)

Which brings me to another announcement. Coming soon, I'll be adding an online bookstore, with only items from my bookshelves. It'll take me some time to inventory my bookshelves and weed out anything I wouldn't recommend to someone else. That'll help my de-clutter my bookshelves as well. Then I'll build the bookstore, and maybe my rotating ad will become exactly what it says it is: the book (or books) that I am currently reading.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Simple Satisfaction

I've been a bit behind in reading my rss subscriptions via Bloglines, but it's really satisfying when my address bar says "Bloglines | My Feeds (0)" to indicate that I'm all caught up. I'll admit that I've cheated a bit and there's a (XX) behind that (0), but I've actually read those articles too. They're just items that I mean to follow up on, but don't want to save permanently. I'll have those items caught up on soon as well, and I'll be completely satisfied knowing that I'm completely caught up on my blogging again.