Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Site redesign coming (again)

I may have mentioned this previously, but I have decided to do another site redesign. This time around, I'll be keeping all current content, but using the multi-site capabilities of Wordpress to break some items off to their own sub-domain. I also plan on dropping phpBB (and possibly enabling some WP-specific forum plugin, if forums are needed at all), and making LGpedia a more permanent part of the site (but still at its current URL), since it is becoming painfully obvious that the official one is unlikely to ever come back. This will likely involve a re-install of everything, just to clean things up a bit. Hopefully, this will also fix the reported speed issues that only appear to intermittently impact LGpedia.

Some ideas:

  • LGpedia will get a Wordpress blog page for any news or updates, though the wiki will remain exactly where it's at. I'll likely unite the logins between the LGpedia blog and the actual wiki, or investigate converting the content to one of the many WP-Wiki plugins (this is less likely, as that would likely cause major speed issues)

  • Remove chat, as I don't believe it's used at all.

  • Ghosts of Ohio will become its own site, as will Abuse of Authority.

  • Additional subdomains for additional topics that I write at least simi-regularly on

  • The main blog will likely move to blog. instead of www. and www. will be more of a front page to all the sites. Speaking of which,

  • I may open up subdomains for user registration, as long as they follow certain guidelines.

Any other suggestions?