Friday, January 19, 2018

Spending less time on Facebook

I'm continuing with my first goal of 2018 of posting more ofen by adding a quick note about spending less time on Facebook. This one is easy, as we spent last weekend moving again, so I haven't had much time for Facebook to begin with ;) But I do find that when I do have time, I'm not aimlessly wandering. The time I spend on Facebook is spent checking in on specific groups that I'm in and not just mindlessly scrolling.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Post more often

Last Friday, I posted my goals for 2018, and the first goal was to post more often. Since this is a casual, personal blog, I've never really stuck to any posting schedule that I've set, so I'm a little hesitant to set a specific schedule, but I'm thinking I can hit once a week, at least most weeks. Some weeks I may hit more, and occasionally I may miss that meager goal completely, but if I hit more often than not, then my first goal of 2018 will be met.

As for schedule, I'm thinking about scheduling posts to go live sometime Friday morning. This gives me all week to work on the post, so hopefully things will seem a bit more polished than in the past as well :)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Goals for 2018

Happy New Years! It seems like this might be a good time to share some of my goals for 2018, both for the blog, and personally.

  1. Post more often

  2. Move blog hosting to a server I have more control over

  3. Develop another web property that I own

  4. Spend less time on Facebook

  5. Read more

  6. Write more

  7. Lose some weight

  8. Drink less soda

  9. Move the last of my laptops to Linux

  10. Bring back up my BBS

  11. Settle in to the house we moved into

  12. Finish some of my retro-computing project

I'll be posting more about each one of these, and possibly adding to the list, in the coming days and weeks, thus fulfilling the first item on the list ;) What are your goals for 2018?