Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Slackware 15

Since version 15.0 was announced not too long ago, I decided to install Slackware for the first time in years. I took a notebook that I was having trouble doing a factory reset of Windows 10 on to use as guineapig before I put it on my daily driver, as the last time I tried it, it took some effort to everything going properly. I think I finally gave up on it after I couldn't get my particular soundcard working properly. This time, I decided to just install everything, so chose a "terse" install and let it do its thing. It surprised me a bit to come back to it a little later to it asking me to set up lilo. Man, it's been ages since I've seen this, since most distros seem to use grub2 these days. It was a pleasant surprise, though, as it is still just as simple to use as it's always been. When everything was done installing (after a few config questions, such as which version of vi to use) and the system restarted, I was presented with the old, familiar login prompt. I added and logged into my user account, and startx brought X up without issues, but it wouldn't quit properly. I figured I'd be in the GUI more on this than I have with Slackware in the past, so I switched to a terminal, edited the inittab file to change the default runlevel to 4 so that X would come up automatically, and everything just worked. Next stop, installing it on my daily driver and seeing how difficult the nvidia drivers are these days ;)

One, an Algar the Bard cover

Pretty cool medieval cover of One.