Saturday, February 11, 2023

First ride

It's a bit crisp outside, but I *had* to take the new bike for a quick spin around the block. Using throttle-only, it hits just over 20mph, which I guess is the limit for a class 2 e-bike. That's quite zippy for someone who hasn't ridden regularly in quite some time. It's a little too cold out there for me to really push the pedal-assist mode. There are five levels, and I hit 10mph on the lowest level without any effort at all. It felt quite strange to be sitting upright the entire time, because I have ridden drop-bars since I started riding multi-gear bike. More thoughts later.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

My first e-bike

I used to be an avid cyclist, but I stopped several years ago and have gotten myself quite out of shape in the interim, so every attempt I've made to take it back up has been utter failure. I'm so out of shape that just getting on the bike is difficult for me. So, I went on Amazon and found one of the cheapest e-bikes I could find, a 26" mountain bike (I normally ride a 27" or 700c road or racing bike with drop bars) in the hope that the pedal assist can at least get me moving again, and I'll graduate back to my racing bike eventually. It should be delivered Friday, so hopefully I have a chance to post a review of it by next Monday :)

FWIW, here's a non-affiliate Amazon link to the 26" Totem Victor 2.0 that I purchased. I've read that many of the under $1000 bikes of any given style are pretty much the exact same bike with different branding on it, so, in this price range, it's best to go with the cheapest. With shipping factored in, this was, indeed, the cheapest I could find on Amazon. There were ones (basically, the exact same one) available for maybe $20 less which came out to more with the shipping, so, this is what I wound up with. I hope to assemble it Friday night and take my first spin around the block over the weekend. Lots about this bike will be different from the last bike I rode, so I am sure I'll have thoughts ;)